2011 XHL Skills Competition


Bridgestone Fastest Skater

6 players from each team (rookie, goalie, 4 all-stars)

8 pts available – winner of each race, final race winner gets 2 pts

Final race – best time from each team


Skater                                                   Time

Brian Lee, NY                                     16.778

Michael Grabner, ALB                    14.895

Cam Ward, CHI                                  18.646

Guillaume Latendresse, WPG     14.673

Mike Green, STL                               14.852

Martin St. Louis, TOR                      15.212


Marc-Edouard Vlasic, ALB             16.254

Lauri Korpikoski, WAS                    15.236

Carey Price, STL                                19.574

Simon Gagne, PHI                            14.214

Henrik Zetterberg, VAN                14.457

Milan Hejduk, WAS                         14.964

Final Round

Guillaume Latendresse, WPG     14.864

Simon Gagne, PHI                            14.532

Winner: Simon Gagne, Score: Malkin 6 Ovechkin 2


Verizon Trick Shot Contest

3 shooters from each team, 1 goalie

8 points available – 4 points for player who gets most fan votes, 3 points for 2nd place, 1 point for 3rd place


Wayne Simmonds, MIN                Passes puck to self from stick in the air, completes on 3rd try

Anze Kopitar, NE                              With help from Dennis Seidenberg, shoots 4 pucks at once and scores on 3 of them

Alex Ovechkin, NY                           Supervised by Brandon Dubinsky, brings Zamboni out, sits in seat, scores on 2nd try


Alex Goligoski, PIT                           Banks puck off plexiglass to self, nice deke move on 1st try

Evgeni Malkin, PHI                           Sets up snowman, does spin-o-rama around it, dekes and scores on 1st try

Justin Abdelkader, WPG               Pulled in airplane pedal car by Latendresse, scores on 3rd try

Goalie: Steve Mason, VAN

1st place: Malkin 35.5%, 2nd place: Abdelkader 25.2%, 3rd place: Ovechkin 18.7 %


Wendy’s Accuracy Shooting

6 players from each team (1 rookie, 5 all-stars)

2 passers from each team

8 points available – 1 pt for winner of each matchup, 2 pts for winner of final matchup

TEAM OVECHKIN                                             TEAM MALKIN

Shooter                                                Time      Shooter                                Time

Jarome Iginla, DET                           9.4          Zach Parise, VAN

Brandon Dubinsky, NY                                   David Backes, OAK          13.1

Brad Richards, MTL                                          Eric Staal, VAN                   8.3         

Jonathan Toews, STL                                      Daniel Alfredsson, NJ     8.7

Phil Kessel, NY                                   17.4        Brian Campbell, CHI

Kevin Bieksa, ANA                           7.4          Milan Hejduk, WAS

Passers                                                                 Passers

Chris Higgins, STL                                              Mikko Koivu, NJ

Dennis Seidenberg, NE                                  Brian Rafalski, GBO

Final Round

Team Ovechkin                                                 Team Malkin

Shooter                                                Total      Shooter                                Time

Kevin Bieksa, ANA                                           Eric Staal, VAN                   8.5

Winner: Eric Staal, Team Malkin 18 Team Ovechkin 6


Vitaminwater Skills Challenge Relay

16 players from each team (2 rookies, 14 all-stars)

8 points available (4 for the team with the fastest time, 3 for 2nd place, 1 for 3rd place)

One timers (3 shooters, 1 passer – each shooter must score 3 times)

Passing (1 passer, passer must complete a pass into each of the 6 little nets)

Puck Control Relay (1 skater, skater with puck skates through series of cones)

Stick Handling (1 skater, skater controls puck through series of pucks)

Accuracy Shooting (1 shooter, shooter must hit 4 targets)

Fastest time wins

Team Ovechkin                                                 Team Malkin

Relay 1

Skater                                   Skill                        Skater                  

Erik Johnson                       Blue line               Andrei Markov

Brad Richards                     Mid                        Eric Staal

Sidney Crosby                   Side net               John Tavares

Kevin Bieksa                       1-timer pass       Patric Hornqvist

Brian Lee                             Little net pass    Mikko Koivu

Darren Helm                      Cones                   Justin Abdelkader

Martin St. Louis                 Pucks                    Ryan Shannon

Jonathan Toews               targets                  Patrick Marleau

Time: 2:34                                                           Time: 2:42

Relay 2

Skater                                   Skill                        Skater                  

Zdenek Kutlak                   Blue line               Kris Letang

Mike Green                        Mid                       Brian Campbell

Phil Kessel                           Side net               Zach Parise

Jarome Iginla                     1-timer pass       Simon Gagne

Theo Ruth                           Little net pass    Jamie McBain

Rick Nash                             Cones                   Evgeni Malkin

Dennis Seidenberg          Pucks                    Matt Gilroy

Guillaume Latendresse targets                  Henrik Zetterberg

Time: 2:22                                                           Time: 2:25

1st: Ovechkin Relay 2, 2nd: Malkin Relay 2, 3rd: Ovechkin Relay 1


XM Hardest Shot

6 players from each team (1 rookie, 5 all-stars)

8 points available (1 for each individual matchup winner, 2 for final matchup)

Team Ovechkin                                 Team Malkin

Shooter                                MPH      Shooter                                MPH

Jarome Iginla                     99.4        Brent Burns                        102.1

Brooks Laich                       103.2     Andrei Markov                  102.6

Sidney Crosby                   102.2     Evgeni Malkin                    102.4

Erik Johnson                       104.4     Ondrej Nemec                  104.3

Rick Nash                             103.4     Marc-Edouard Vlasic       99.4

Alex Ovechkin                   103.4     Patrick Marleau                103.7

Final Round:

Erik Johnson                       104.7     Ondrej Nemec                  104.9

Winner: Ondrej Nemec, Team Malkin 26 Team Ovechkin 14


MasterCard Elimination Shootout

18 All-Stars, 9 Rookies, 3 Goalies from each team

1 point per goal

Goal = moving on, miss = eliminated

Round 1

Team Ovechkin                                                 Team Malkin

Skater                                   Result                   Skater                                   Result

Anze Kopitar                      Goal                       David Krejci                        Save     

Milan Lucic                          Goal                       Mikko Koivu                       Save

Kevin Bieksa                       Save                      Henrik Zetterberg            Goal

Nicklas Bergfors                Save                      John Tavares                      Save

Chris Higgins                       Save                      David Backes                      Save

Phil Kessel                           Save                      Kris Letang                          Goal

Zbynek Michalek              Save                      Jamie McBain                    Goal

Alex Pietrangelo               Save                      Mark Stuart                        Save

Vs. Goalie Carey Price                                    Vs. Goalie Steve Mason

Skater                                   Result                   Skater                                   Result

Brad Richards                     Save                      Milan Hejduk                     Save

Michael Grabner              Goal                       Andrei Markov                  Save

Brian Lee                             Save                      Zach Parise                         Goal

Colin Wilson                       Goal                       Brent Burns                        Save

Rick Nash                             Save                      Marc-Edouard Vlasic       Goal

Mike Green                        Save                      Steven Stamkos               Goal

Sidney Crosby                   Save                      Daniel Alfredsson            Goal

Martin St. Louis                 Goal                       Patrick Marleau                Save

Jarome Iginla                     Save                      Justin Abdelkader            Save

Vs. Goalie Jonathan Bernier                        Vs. Goalie Henrik Lundqvist

Skater                                   Result                   Skater                                   Result

Matt Niskanen                  Goal                       Claude Giroux                   Goal

Jeff Carter                           Save                      Ryan Shannon                   Goal

Guillaume Latendresse Save                      Simon Gagne                     Save

Erik Johnson                       Save                      Brian Campbell                  Goal

Zdenek Kutlak                   Goal                       Ondrej Nemec                  Goal

Dennis Seidenberg          Save                      Brian Rafalski                     Save

Bryan Little                         Save                      Joe Pavelski                        Goal

Jonathan Toews               Goal                       Eric Staal                              Save

Alex Ovechkin                   Save                      Evgeni Malkin                    Save

Vs. Goalie Pekka Rinne                                  Vs. Goalie Cam Ward

Skater                                   Result                   Skater                                   Result

Anze Kopitar                      Save                      Henrik Zetterberg            Goal

Milan Lucic                          Goal                       Kris Letang                          Goal

Michael Grabner              Save                      Jamie McBain                    Goal

Vs. Goalie Carey Price                                    Vs. Goalie Steve Mason


Colin Wilson                       Save                      Zach Parise                         Goal

Martin St. Louis                 Goal                       Marc-Edouard Vlasic       Save

Matt Niskanen                  Goal                       Steven Stamkos               Save

Vs. Goalie Jonathan Bernier                        Vs. Goalie Henrik Lundqvist


Zdenek Kutlak                   Save                      Daniel Alfredsson            Save

Jonathan Toews               Save                      Claude Giroux                   Save

Vs. Goalie Pekka Rinne                                  Ryan Shannon                   Goal

                                                                                Brian Campbell                  Goal

                                                                                Ondrej Nemec                  Goal

                                                                                Joe Pavelski                        Save

                                                                                Vs. Goalie Cam Ward



Milan Lucic                          Goal                       Henrik Zetterberg            Save

Martin St. Louis                 Save                      Kris Letang                          Goal

Matt Niskanen                  Save                      Jamie McBain                    Save

Vs. Goalie Carey Price                                    Vs. Goalie Steve Mason


                                                                                Zach Parise                         Save

                                                                                Ryan Shannon                   Save

                                                                                Brian Campbell                  Goal

                                                                                Ondrej Nemec                  Goal

                                                                                Vs. Goalie Henrik Lundqvist


Milan Lucic                          Save                      Kris Letang                          Goal      

                                                                                Brian Campbell                  Goal

                                                                                Ondrej Nemec                  Goal

Vs. Goalie Jonathan Bernier                        Vs. Goalie Cam Ward


                                                                                Kris Letang                          Save

                                                                                Brian Campbell                  Save

                                                                                Ondrej Nemec                  Goal

                                                                                Vs. Goalie Steve Mason

Ondrej Nemec wins

FINAL SCORE: Team Malkin 52 Team Ovechkin 26